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Raw food builds happy puppies

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What kind of kitchen tools will I need?

Do dogs need fruits and vegtables?

  • Local, natural veterinary services

  • Wide variety of premade dog food

  • Multiple locations

Redding Office

2457 Athens Ave, Redding, CA

Lewiston Office

316 Texas Street, Lewiston, CA

Want to Order Your Pet's Raw Food Online?
Hare Today has a phenomenal selection of raw pet foods, treats, supplements, toys, bedding and more! I absolutely love the products they offer, their commitment to bettering the lives of our fury friends, and the ease of having my pets' needs delivered to my door!

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Considering Vaccinations?

Vital Animal Podcast - Parvo Prevention

Vaccination Safety

Vaccination Efficacy


Prevent Parvo and Distemper Without Vaccination

Non-Toxic Flea and Tick Control

Neuter. Or Not? And When?

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